Finding Creative Inspiration

I’ve always had a creative itch and enjoyed painting and drawing, but as the years go on and your family grows, you tend to put your own life and what you enjoy on the back burner.  I have always been trying to make time to do more of my own creations but my inner critic kicks in and stops me from creating and makes me doubt myself.  But, that all changed when my path crossed with Jane Davenport at the Craft Expo last year.  Jane put on a mini demonstration of how to draw a face and I sat there mesmerised by Jane’s enthusiasm and ease of teaching.  The creative side of me was bursting at the seems and I visited Jane’s stall to find out more.  Jane had some wonderful Art Journals at her stall and spoke about how she used her art journals as a place to play, explore and improve her artwork as well as write down all her frustrations and then paint over them.    It’s also your own private place to make mistakes and explore different ideas without being judged.  I’d never heard of an Art Journal before, but it sounded like just what I needed to get back into painting and drawing without worrying about everything turning out perfect.   I signed up for Jane’s online Supplies Me Course  and enjoyed every minute of it.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting and drawing.  I’ve created a few pages in my art journal which I am happy to share with you (being brave):

My first Art Journal Page from Supplies Me course by Jane Davenport.

Art Journal page from Supplies Me course

Art Journal Page from Supplies Me course

Jane’s course has given me the confidence to start creating again and is a great class for beginner to advanced people.  Since discovering Art Journaling I’ve found a greater community of inspiring people, so I’ve listed them below and that may help you kick start your creative journey too!  Enjoy!

Jane Davenport


Tracy Verdugo

Art Nu Vogue

Magically Mixed Media Art Community

Art Journaling



4 thoughts on “Finding Creative Inspiration

    • I am sure it has taken a lot of work up to this point in time to get this blog up and running. I am looking forward to see more posts to follow your creative journey into the future.

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