29 Faces Challenge – Day 6 – 9

I’m falling behind and decided just to put up my work even if it isn’t finished yet.  I’m learning a lot about my own style and need to put the black outline pen down more….hmm like not to much around the eyes.  That’s what I love about this challenge, it’s making me experiment! I hope you having a great weekend and finding time for art!


Face 9 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 9 – a work in progress with Copic Markers – not sure what colour to do the hair?  Any suggestions?


Face 8 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 8 in Copic Markers – experimenting with hair and eyelashes, think I went a little overboard with the eyelashes!

Face 7 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 7 – just a quick face in Copic Markers

Face 6 in pastels for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 6 done with pastels – unfinished.


Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow to all the wonderful Mum’s out there!

Cheers Chrystie 🙂



6 thoughts on “29 Faces Challenge – Day 6 – 9

  1. I like all your different faces, especially #6. I know what you mean by experimenting. Having to make something every day makes you do more and think less. Keep up the good work!

  2. I really like all of these faces! I haven’t tried copic markers yet but love the results. Your work is wonderful…keep posting..finished or not! 🙂

  3. You work really well with the copic markers, all your faces are great. I like the hair left as it is on face 9, it’s a good contrast to the bold colours. Face 8 looks very glamourous so those lushous lashes look good on her. i like the looser feel to face 7, it shows the different styles achievable with markers and face 6 has beautiful eyes and the little bird who looks very exotic.

  4. Great faces, each all its own, each with a story to tell!

    I haven’t tried copics YET, but given the pen addiction I have, it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

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