29 Faces Challenge – Faces 13,14, 15 &16

Hi All

I’ve been very busy and have only just got round to photographing some of my drawings today.   I’m only going to put up four because I think more than that is too much at a time, so I will come back to it as soon as I can and upload the rest.

My Neocolor II’s arrived last week and I had them out with glee!  I really love them they are so soft and they go into a really creamy when water is added.

Faces 13 through to 16 are a mix of Neocolour II experiments, Copic Markers and a sketch from a session I attended at the Drawing Room in Newcastle.  The Drawing room happens every Tuesday night at the Royal Exchange, check it out on Facebook if you want to come and join in.  They have a great mixture of models from entertainers, ballerina’s, actors, circus performers and many more.


Face 16 of 29 Faces

This is a sketch from a session I attended at The Drawing Room in Newcastle.


Face 15 for 29 Faces

Face 15 – Art Nouveau Serenity
experimenting with Neocolour II – note to self: don’t mix green and purple for a background…yuk!

Face 14 for 29 Faces

Face 14 – Cute girl with bird. Just another quick one with Copic Markers


Face 13 for 29 Faces

Face 13 – my first face with Neocolour II


Have a great week!

Cheers Chrystie xx



4 thoughts on “29 Faces Challenge – Faces 13,14, 15 &16

  1. Gorgeous faces Chrystie… and yes aren’t the neocolors wonderful… I really love the sketch that you did at the Drawing Room too… that night sure does sound fabulous…

    Jenny x

  2. Four great faces, all different again. I like face 15, the art nouveau is such a beautiful style and you sketch is lovely. I have never used neon colours before but they sound like they’re worth investing in, you have done a good job with them Christie. The drawing Room sounds like great fun but a bit too far for me to travel, I wonder if there is something like that in Brisbane?

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