29 Faces Challenge Round Up 17-23

I didn’t quite make the 29 faces challenge, only completing 23.  I had an unexpected personal issue arise which threw me off course, but I’m glad I made the effort that I did.

This challenge really gave me some confidence and got me trying new techniques with my art supplies in ways I hadn’t used them before.

Thanks Ayala Art for creating this challenge!

29 Faces - 18-23

Faces 18 to 23 were all created from the template face sketch (top middle).
Top Left Face – Pink, silver and black posca paint pens – love em!
Top Right Face – Watercolours
Bottom Left Face – Copic Markers
Bottom Middle Face – Watercolours
Bottom Right Face – Watercolours


29 Faces - 17

Face 17 – created with Neocolour II watersoluble crayons.

Keep creating!

Cheers Chrystie xx


29 Faces Challenge – Faces 13,14, 15 &16

Hi All

I’ve been very busy and have only just got round to photographing some of my drawings today.   I’m only going to put up four because I think more than that is too much at a time, so I will come back to it as soon as I can and upload the rest.

My Neocolor II’s arrived last week and I had them out with glee!  I really love them they are so soft and they go into a really creamy when water is added.

Faces 13 through to 16 are a mix of Neocolour II experiments, Copic Markers and a sketch from a session I attended at the Drawing Room in Newcastle.  The Drawing room happens every Tuesday night at the Royal Exchange, check it out on Facebook if you want to come and join in.  They have a great mixture of models from entertainers, ballerina’s, actors, circus performers and many more.


Face 16 of 29 Faces

This is a sketch from a session I attended at The Drawing Room in Newcastle.


Face 15 for 29 Faces

Face 15 – Art Nouveau Serenity
experimenting with Neocolour II – note to self: don’t mix green and purple for a background…yuk!

Face 14 for 29 Faces

Face 14 – Cute girl with bird. Just another quick one with Copic Markers


Face 13 for 29 Faces

Face 13 – my first face with Neocolour II


Have a great week!

Cheers Chrystie xx


29 Faces Challenge – faces 10, 11 & 12

I’m still a little behind, just finding the time to photograph is hard because I often create at night and then have to wait till the next day to get good light for a photo.

I’ve played around a little again with my art supplies and tackled another painted face as well as a quick Copic Marker and a face done with graphite pencil and Prismacolor pencils….and they are yummo!

I’m loving experimenting with all of my art supplies and I have just freshly opened my latest addition of Neocolour 11 crayons.  Can’t wait to try them out and have a play.  I will let you know how I go and if I’m brave enough to put up my first attempt with them…stay tuned!

I will also soon be announcing details about a fantastic paint mojo workshop that I am helping to organise for Tracy Verdugo in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Face 12 of 29 Faces Challenge

Face 12 – Done with graphite and prismacolor pencils. I used ink tense pencils for the hair…they are so bright and wonderful…although I did go a little overboard with water and wrinkled the paper…oops!

face 11 for 29 Faces

Face 11 – just another quick one with copic markers.

face 10 for 29 Faces

Face 10 with acrylics – as I was thinking about relaxing on mothers day she just appeared on the page in her dressing gown.

Cheers Chrystie xx

29 Faces Challenge – Day 6 – 9

I’m falling behind and decided just to put up my work even if it isn’t finished yet.  I’m learning a lot about my own style and need to put the black outline pen down more….hmm like not to much around the eyes.  That’s what I love about this challenge, it’s making me experiment! I hope you having a great weekend and finding time for art!


Face 9 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 9 – a work in progress with Copic Markers – not sure what colour to do the hair?  Any suggestions?


Face 8 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 8 in Copic Markers – experimenting with hair and eyelashes, think I went a little overboard with the eyelashes!

Face 7 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 7 – just a quick face in Copic Markers

Face 6 in pastels for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 6 done with pastels – unfinished.


Happy Mothers Day for tomorrow to all the wonderful Mum’s out there!

Cheers Chrystie 🙂


Face 3, 4 and 5 for 29 Faces

Faces 3, 4 and 5 for 29 Faces Challenge!

I’ve decided to mix it up a bit with a copic face, painted face and a quick sketch.

Face 3 – I had no plan for this one, she just appeared.  I used Copic Markers again because I love them and they are so fast, but I really need some more colours.

Face 3 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 3 – Copic Markers


Face 4 – No plan for this one either, just wanted to use paints.

Face 4 for 29 Faces Challenge

Face 5 – Just a quick sketch because I’m running out of time.

Face 5 of 29 Faces Challenge

Face 5 – Quick Sketch

Enjoy your Sunday night!

Chrystie xx